The United Veterans Partnership of America VET CONNECT program works to connect to connect Veterans to jobs and longer term employment opportunities.   The UVP of America partners with Corporations, government and other other entities to identify opportunity for Veterans.   Following are some features of this program:

A focus on minority Veterans: The joblessness rate for African American Veterans is concisely twice the rate for other Veterans, and Hispanic Veterans also have a high rate.   The UVP works to connect the harder-to-employ veterans to with corporations and government  jobs.   

Corporate Veteran Job Network: The Network consists of corporations who are committed to hiring veterans.   Many firms are committed to hiring veterans and we work to provide these firms with viable Veteran candidates.

Peer Support: To improve the likelihood that a Veteran will remain on the job for the long term, the UVP provides support services to veterans who need additional assistance.   Our support services includes peer support, employer follow-up and other services.

Career Track: The UVP of America works to support Veterans in getting on a career track.   To this end, we work with our partners to provide job-training and educational options to veterans.

What We Do



The UVP works to identify Veterans in need of assistance and then connect these Veterans to resources.


Support Services

The UVP works with our partners to provide a broad range of support services to Veterans.



The UVP works to get resources to veterans where and when they need them.


Service Tracking

The UVP works to not only connect veterans to resources but also tracks provision of services, ensuring that Veterans receive quality care.


Collective impact

The UVP works to coordinate local employment efforts with its Partners and Affiliates to ensure that the net result is positive.