The mission of the UVPEDC is to Improve the economic and social conditions of struggling communities by improving the quality of life for Veterans and their family members, and the condition of their communities.

Who We Service: 

The United Veterans Partnership EDC serves anyone in the community who needs assistance, including; Veterans, the spouses of Veterans, family members of Veterans and members of the communities where veterans live.   Many of our programs impact the lives of elderly and disabled Veterans.   In addition, we also serve the spouses of deceased Veterans.

Where We Operate:

The United Veterans Partnership EDC operates in southeastern Wisconsin, with particular emphasis on struggling communities in Milwaukee, Racine and Kenosha where a number of Veterans live and are struggling with employment, housing, incarceration, health issues  and other issues.

Our Impact:

The United Veterans Partnership EDC works to connect veterans to opportunities and resources for the purpose of improving the quality of their lives.   Our impact on the lives of Veterans is clear – more Veterans employed, more Veterans able to live in their own homes and more Veterans able to start businesses.   Our impact on struggling communities is in working with our public and private sector partners to implement strategies that transform Wisconsin’s struggling communities into safer and more stable economies.

Who We Serve


  • Veterans and their Spouse
  • Elderly Veterans
  • Disabled Veterans

Our Impact


  • Connecting Veterans to Employment Opportunities
  • Veterans Housing Improvement
  • Veteran Entrepreneurship

Our Commitment


  • Well Served Veterans
  • Stronger Families
  • Better Communities

What Veterans are saying about us: