The United Veterans Partnership of America Community Direct program works to connect veterans with community resources and assets , and the community to veterans.   Veterans are often overlooked in the provision of community services, and many veterans may be too proud to ask for assistance.   The UVP connects Veterans to community assets by doing the following:

Identifying the Needs of Local Veterans: The UVP works with our local partners to identify the needs of local Veterans, and whether the needs are being met.   Many communities assume that the needs of Veterans are being met by the local or regional VA Center, which is seldom the case.   The UVP also works with local, county and state government agencies to determine local need.

Identifying Resources Available to Veterans: The UVP works with its Partners to identify resources for Veterans.   Resources include local and state resources.   Our objective is to make sure that there are enough local resources to assist Veterans.   Where resources are lacking we work secure additional resources.  

Determine the success of local efforts to serve Veterans: The UVP works with our local Partners to evaluate the provision of services to local Veterans.   Often, despite the well-meaning efforts of organizations, many veterans fall through the cracks.   The UVP works to ensure that Veterans are being served.

Filling any gaps that exist in the provision of services to Veterans: The UVP works with our partners to fill any service gaps for Veterans.   This may include employment and housing, but also health-related and other issues.   

What We Do


Veteran Outreach

The UVP works to identify Veterans in need of assistance and then connect these Veterans to resources.


Minor Home Repair

The UVP works with our partners to provide minor home repair for disabled and elderly Veterans.   We also provide this service to the spouses of deceased Veterans.


Elder Vet Care

The UVP works with its partners to support elderly and disabled veterans in need of support.



The UVP works to get resources to veterans where and when they need them.