For over 20 years, The United Veterans Partnership has been committed to supporting entrepreneurship and the development of locally owned businesses.  Small business development is key to the revitalization of struggling communities: Small businesses produce most of  the new jobs in the United States, attract new capital to communities and generate new wealth for families.   The United Veterans Partnership’s business development efforts are leveraged with the resources of our partners to make sustainable and significant impact on growth of businesses in struggling communities.    We focus on the following issues:


Many businesses need significant technical assistance to develop and grow.  We find this especially true in struggling communities, where resources and knowledge of business is relatively scarce.   The UVP works with our partners to deliver technical assistance to small/early stage businesses.   The assistance includes; business plan development, real estate development, financial structuring and market analysis.   The UVP also provides assistance to veterans working to start businesses. To learn more click here.


Access to capital is a primary challenge to any business, but businesses located in struggling markets find it extremely difficult to obtain access to capital to start and grow a business.   Sometimes the capital need is debt other times equity.   The UVP works with our partners to connect businesses to the appropriate sources of capital and to secure capital for business needs.   To learn more click here.


Government contracting has always been a means for businesses get their foot in the door.   The UVP provides assistance to small businesses in obtaining government certifications, so that they can effectively bid on government contracts.  To learn more click here.