The United Veterans Partnership of America works to connect Veterans to employment opportunities.   Our focus is not just on connecting Veterans to employment but also connecting Veterans to long term careers.   To this end, the United Veterans Partnership of America partners with many other organizations to expand our capacity to provide veterans a broad array of services and opportunities.

The UVP works with our community partners to identify and provide assistance to Veterans in need. In struggling communities across America, Veterans are dealing with debilitating issues of homelessness, joblessness, incarceration and family issues. Our outreach effort works to get our Veterans who are in need the assistance that they need.

Support Services
The UVP believes that providing support services to Veterans is critical to providing comprehensive care. To this end the UVP works to not only connect Veterans to support services but also track the quality of services to veterans. We are intent on not allowing any Veteran to fall through the cracks.

The UVP works with our partners to provide resources to Veterans. Resources may include information, assistance and guidance. Our goal is to ensure that our Veterans are provided support every step along the way.


United Regional Opportunity Center (UROC)

Provides 24/7 access to services to Veterans and their Family Members.


Identifies and connects Veterans with job and career opportunities in communities across America.


Provides free home repair services to senior and disabled Veterans in the Milwaukee area.   To learn more, click here.

Veterans Entrepreneurship Center

THE UVP provides a wide range of business development services to veterans who own buisnesses.