The United Veterans Partnership of America WisconsinSERVES programs aims to provide a highly accessible platform for veterans to request and receive assistance.   The WisconsinSERVES is an online portal that can be accessed 24/7 from any location.    Veterans, there family members of Veterans and others can submit a “request for services” to the WisconsinSERVES system, and the system will then process the request.    Following are some features of the WisconsinSERVES system.

Accessible from any location 24/7: The WisconsinSERVES Veterans Service portal is available online, 24/7.   The system can be accessed by Veterans, family members, community groups and others.

Request are processed by the UVP Coordination Center: Once a request is submitted, the request is processed by the UVP Coordination Center.   The Center contacts the person who needs assistance, determines their needs and then refers the person to one of our Service Partners.   The Coordination Center constantly monitors the progress of request until the issue(s) are resolved.

Request are monitored for quality and completeness: The WisconsinSERVES tracks all request and evaluates whether the Client was served in a satisfactory manner by our Service Providers.  We work to maintain a Service Provider Network of quality service providers that can deliver quality service in a timely manner.

The UVPServes system is connected to our service partners: The WisconsinSERVES system is directly connected with our Service Providers.   

Please complete the form. WisconsinSERVES will review the request and, if necessary, refer the request to one of our service providers. A Service Provider will contact you in the near future.