Thanks to our many wonderful volunteers, the United Veterans Partnership is able to provide services to a broad range of people in a number of communities. Through a variety of programs and activities there are meaningful volunteer opportunities for everyone. We offer volunteer opportunities in several areas:

  • PROPERTY PROJECTS – Get your hands dirty while keeping our properties vibrant! Projects can include landscaping, cleaning, community gardening, building playgrounds and other beautification projects.
  • RESIDENT SERVICES SUPPORT – The Resident Services staff works hard to ensure that residents become financially stable, maintain stable housing, perform better in school, value their health and actively participate in the community. Volunteers can help by teaching a class, tutoring, serving as technical support in computer labs or helping in other ways.
  • EVENTS – Help our residents celebrate! Volunteers can host community meals, holiday parties, birthday parties or other festive events. Our residents have also benefitted greatly from volunteer-led fundraisers and drives for food, school supplies and holiday gifts. When a new property opens, volunteers are often involved in welcoming new residents through housewarming and move-in events.
  • ADMINISTRATIVE AND EVENT SUPPORT – Our offices can use general office support to keep up with the operation of the organization during especially busy times and for special events.

For more information about volunteer opportunities, please contact us, click here.