The United Veterans Partnership believes deeply in the Constitution of the United States and the greatness of the American Idea. As an organization founded by veterans, it is our vision that America is served when the borders, boundaries and walls that divide us are eliminated. It is our belief that when these barriers are eliminated, America is at its best; because it is only then that all Americans have access to decent and affordable housing, family supporting jobs and small business development opportunities. We believe that communities are at their best when public, private and non-profit sectors work move outside of their silos and work together to build consensus and solve challenges. We believe that when we work together, for the common good, our communities and our country will thrive, and our children will have a brighter and more sustainable future.


The United Veterans Partnership is one of the few community-driven, veteran-led organizations in the United States that works to develop and implement comprehensive economic development strategies that improves the lives of all Americans.   Our Mission: To continue to serve the United States of America by working with our partners to create stable, vibrant and healthy communities so that Americans who are most in need have full access to the resources, information and support they need to pursue a better quality of life.

We pursue our mission by 1) developing, financing and managing quality and affordable housing for seniors, families, the disabled and veterans; 2) affirming the value of work by creating job training opportunities and employment solutions for those who are chronically employed; 3) supporting free-enterprise by supporting the pursuit of business opportunities.


United Veterans Partnership holds as its core values:

  • Cooperation: The UVP doesn’t spend a lot of time and resources knocking down walls of hopelessness; instead, we work our partners to build bridges to opportunities.
  • Respect: The UVP believes that all people have a right to live in dignity, and we work to respect that right in everything that we do.
  • Trust: The UVP works to build trust 1) by communicating with the people whom we serve and 2) by understanding the people we serve. The degree to which we can communicate and understand the people we serve is the degree to which we grow and share trust with those people and communities.

What We Do



The UVP works to identify Veterans in need of assistance and then connect these Veterans to resources.

Support Services

The UVP works with our partners to provide a broad range of support services to Veterans.


The UVP works to get resources to veterans where and when they need them.

Service Tracking

The UVP works to not only connect veterans to resources but also tracks provision of services, ensuring that Veterans receive quality care.

Collective impact

The UVP works to coordinate local employment efforts with its Partners and Affiliates to ensure that the net result is positive.