A Commitment to Communities

The United Veterans Partnership is an organization that was created by veterans with the intention of making a positive impact on struggling communities.   Generally, many veterans are quiet and just silently go about civilian life without much presence or fanfare.   Yet, many veterans want to make a difference in their communities, and for those most in need.   The United Veterans Partnership is the vehicle by which veterans make a stronger connection to the community and, as well, how communities build stronger connection with its veterans.

Most communities have veterans; some have as few as a couple of hundred and other may have over a couple of hundred thousand.   These veterans, of course, have family members, neighbors and friends that attend local schools, work in local businesses and enjoy local parks.   In short, veterans are part of the community – they are part of the village.

It I the commitment of the United Veteran Partnership to work with our local, state and national partners to identify, development and implement solutions that not only improvement communities but also the quality of lives for people living in those communities.